About Us

Who we are ?

We are an IT & Digital Marketing company operating from Bangalore. We customize strategies to fit your business needs and cater better results with our IT and digital marketing team.

What we do ?

We reach your target audience with the right message & help you get more valid leads for your business.

We design & develop your website & web applications & promote it to your targeted audience online using the most appropriate channels like search engines (Google, Bing), social media(FB, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.), display ad campaigns, video ads, email marketing etc.

Digital Marketing :

We not only generate leads for your business but also interact with your inside sales team to validate the quality of leads we generate.

Our lead management CRM helps you identify the best medium giving you more returns & reduce the cost of advertising by helping you optimize your campaign.

We track all the online campaigns with analytics & provide you with the best insights at the end of every month.You can find a reliable & transparent IT & digital marketing partner in us than just another company providing the same services.

We work very closely with you & your sales team to deliver the quality leads you need for your business.

Services Offered :

  • Customized Website Design & Development
  • Customized Web application development
  • Digital Marketing
    • Search Engine Marketing.
    • Search Engine Optimization.
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Social Media Page Management
    • Email Campaigns
    • Display Ads
    • Video Ads